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GSM Mobile Car alarm and House monitoring alarm (UK)


GSM Mobile Car Alarm

Equinox are proud to offer a range of products to make the most of the GSM mobile phone networks.

Monitor for intruders, gas leaks, fire, flood and receive a phone call or SMS text message when a problem occurs.

As GSM is worldwide you will know your car, boat, yacht, home, chalet, holiday home is safe. So wherever your property is located be sure in the knowledge it's safe and that you will be notified in seconds if it's not.

Protect your car, monitor it, immobilise and track its location should it be stolen.

Speak to the offenders and warn them that you are about to turn the engine off.


Open your gates or barrier by GSM mobile phone

Fed up with loosing key fobs?
Fed up with changing batteries in remotes?
Fed up with buying key fobs for new employees or family members?

Have you had someone waiting to enter your property while you lo
ok for the gate remote control?

If you answer yes to any of the above the you need our GSM Mobile Gate Opener.

Protect and monitor your home or holiday home.

Is your property safe while you are not there? Don't return to find it broken into. Know within seconds that someone has broken into your holiday home or chalet. Monitor for power cuts, gas leaks, smoke alarms movement and doors opening. Our wireless system is simple and easy to install. Should you get an alarm you can contact someone local to check it out.


Protect and monitor your boat or yacht.

How would you know if it is stored on a mooring and no-one is watching it. Install our GSM alarm and monitoring kit and know within seconds the answer to the following questions.   

is it being stolen?    is it flooding?    is there a gas leak?    is the battery flat?


Protect and monitor your caravan.

Is your caravan parked safely at home while you are out? Do you keep your caravan in storage? Ensure your pride and joy is safe while you are not with it. Know within seconds of a gas leak, smoke alarm or intruder has got in. Notify site security should it be in storage and there is a problem.




All the accessories you need for a comprehensive alarm and monitoring system.



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